Q & A

Q. What is Life Casting?

A. Life casting is the process of putting material on a person or animal, creating a mold (negative) of them, then pouring or brushing material into this mold to create a sculpture (positive) of this person or animal.

Q. Why Should I Get A Casting Made?

A. Life is valuable, finite, and continuously changing. As humans we are aware that we are part of a lovely and beautiful world worth preservation. Life Casting is one way to remember those that are close to us.

One of the aspects about life casting that makes it so intriguing is that it takes a particular moment of time and freezes it permanently, connecting both our history and present life. It provides a tangible, personal piece of artwork for our families & loved ones.

Q. How detailed can a life casting be and what can it show?

Technology allows us to be endlessly creative with not only how detailed we want our castings, but also with the types of materials we are able to make the final sculpture of. Via life casting, people are able to see themselves, outside of themselves, 3 dimensionally, which makes the experience of being cast & the final piece a powerful art form.

Casting is a unique alternative to traditional sculpture since it is 100% YOU. It is less about the mark of a sculptor and more about the unique presence of the person or animal. Casting does this by capturing the ever-changing moods via the different tensions of your muscles and tendons in your body. A casting will radiate whatever you are feeling at any given moment. A life cast can be as simple or as complex as you wish; as detailed or smooth as you would like, showing pores, veins, tattoos, beauty marks, scars, hair, and lines as desired.

Q. What are the applications of Life Casting?

A. The commercial applications of life casting are endless. Life casting is used in film and theater for props, by doctors as reference pieces, museums, window displays, fashion, prosthetics, visual artists, architects, designers, funeral homes, adult, and many more.

Q. Is life casting a good gift idea, and if so- what would be an appropriate occasion?

A. Apart from life casting’s commercial applications, many desire a life cast to celebrate a new or memorable event in their life: a beginning or ending of life, a change in the body due to surgery or weight changes, weddings, engagement, anniversaries, maternity, children’s hands & faces, pets, birthdays, graduation from university… the possibilities are endless! The final sculpture materials, as well as the person’s body expression and pose, are tools which reveal the many facets of an individual.

Q. What are the processes & materials used for life casting and are they safe?

A. Gypsom bandage, alginate (seaweed based material), and skin safe silicones can all be used to take a mold of the subject. The degree of detail is determined by the material used to take the mold. The kind of mold is determined by the material you want your final piece to be made of. I determine which process and set of materials is best suited to your needs after a consultation.

The life casting process is very similar to the mold-making process except that you’re taking a mold off of a living, or once living, person or animal.

Q. How do I display a Life Casting?

A. Display of a casting is determined by the kind of casting one has done. A shell (a hollow, one-sided front or back) is normally displayed on a wall, while an in-the-round piece is displayed on a pedestal, on the floor, or even suspended.